I cordially invite you to the individual workshops on children and newborn photography.
During the newborn photography workshops you will learn:
- how working with newborn babies looks like from the backstage
- how to calm a baby
- how to safely place a baby in a given pose - in basins, on bean bag, in the parents’ arms
- how to wrap newborns
- how to stylize the session
- how to brighten the shooting location
- how to promote your business to attract more and more customers
- how to retain customers

You are also welcome to workshops on children photography of young children (from 6th month of life up to a year)
During the workshops you will learn:
- how to brighten the shooting location
- how to stylize the shooting location and the child
- where to source interesting props and costumes for the session
- how and where to promote your business
- how to work with parents to, by joining forces, cheer up a baby
- what to use to make a child interested in order to make the photos of him/her

During the workshops models are always present.
The workshops take place in our studio.
For older children, outdoor workshops are possible.
We offer lunch, water, tea, and coffee.

Feel free to contact us.